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Our Services


Davis & Decker Property Management handles the placement of all advertising as it relates to the property being managed—yard signs, internet advertising, and rental lists. The owner will not be billed for any advertising.


Davis & Decker Property Management receives and processes all calls, emails and other inquiries from the advertising. We require a detailed rental application to be completed, then each application is processed, thoroughly evaluated and screened before approving a prospective tenant.


Davis & Decker Property Management collects your monthly rents and provides monthly statements. We review the rents at the end of each lease term to assure that your property is receiving its income potential according to the prevailing market conditions.


Davis & Decker Property Management maintains a good professional relationship with each tenant. Our goal is a satisfied, long-term tenant who pays their rent on time and takes care of the property. Every tenant will have access to a Tenant Portal where they will be able to pay rent online, submit work orders, and view any relevant tenant information.


Davis & Decker Property Management has experienced maintenance and repair vendors available to handle all needs as they arise. These professionals have been chosen because they have proven to be honest and competent. The owner is also able to select their own vendors if any maintenance issues arise. We also work closely with home warranty providers.


Davis & Decker Property Management requires security deposits equal to the monthly rent to secure the tenant’s pledge of full compliance with the terms of the lease agreement. Security deposits are held in a non-interest bearing escrow account, in accordance with Florida Statute requirements.


Davis & Decker Property Management’s monthly management fee is 10% of the gross monthly rent*. When the property is vacant, we actively work to secure a suitable, qualified tenant, and we continue to take care of all necessary maintenance and repair needs. The owner will ONLY be charged a monthly management fee when the home is occupied. We do not charge any type of start-up/set-up fees.

*Management fees may vary based on the number of homes we manage for the owner.


Davis & Decker Property Management sends you an itemized statement each month showing:

  • Rental income
  • Management fees
  • Net amount to Owner
  • Other expenses (if any)
  • YTD totals

Each time you wish to view your statements, you must visit our secure “Owners portal” and enter in your email address and password. You can access or sign-up for the portal at anytime by going to You can also click on the icons below to access the portal:

Owner Login Owner Sign-Up

Owner net proceeds are deposited directly to the Owner’s bank account via ACH transaction*. Statements and financial disbursements are processed on the 13th of each month. If the 13th falls on a weekend, the transaction will occur that Friday. At year end, Owners receive a Consolidated Profit & Loss statement along with a 1099-Misc. Form for easier tax preparation.*Every January, the owner will be assessed a $25 fee for yearly ACH transactions. This will reflect on the owner’s January statement as “Yearly Bank Wire Fee.” Fees only apply to owners who choose ACH transactions.

Davis & Decker Property Management maintains regular office hours 9:00AM to 5:00PM weekdays. Please view our Contact Us page for direct email links to each member of our staff.